Saw palmetto is a urinary tract antiseptic that will help to tone the bladder. This herb holds great promise when it comes to dealing with urinary or bladder problems. Not only is it’s antiseptic qualities useful, it also promotes strong contractions of the bladder, thereby ensuring that the bladder is fully emptied. Saw palmetto tones and nourishes the entire female reproductive system and has anti-androgen properties that will help eliminate unwanted facial hair. Its nourishing effect on the tissues enables it to moisturise and plump up dry or atrophied areas in the bladder, breast, vagina and ovaries.

Red clover can be used by menopausal women to help reduce the frequency and duration of night sweats and hot flushes. Because of its estrogenic effect it is also a great herb for regulating the menstrual cycle. For this reason it also enhances fertility for those desiring to fall pregnant. Red clover is a blood cleansing herb as well and so is useful for skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. As a post pregnancy tonic it replenishes minerals that are lost through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Motherwort is an amazing herb for premenstrual tension because it soothes and strengthens the whole nervous system. Herbalists of the 1500’s say “it takes away melancholy vapours…..and makes a merry, cheerful soul”. Motherwort helps to restore emotional balance as well as soothing irritability. It’s a great tonic for the reproductive organs and is useful for relieving menstrual cramping. For the menopausal woman, motherwort can improve mood swings, balance hormones, ease depression and hot flushes, and reduce heart palpitations.

Ginseng is known as “the ultimate tonic “. It’s an energizing and rejuvenating herb that’s of particular help to women. It nourishes and rejuvenates the hormonal system and so can relieve premenstrual and menopausal problems. Ginseng strengthens the adrenal system as well; relieving anxiety and depression, and increasing energy levels, stamina and vitality. Ginseng is a particularly wonderful stress-relieving herb.

Chamomile is a delightfully fragrant herb that is soothing to the nerves. As a warm cup of tea it helps to soothe the stomach and relieve nausea and indigestion. Herbalists of the 1800 have prescribed infusions of chamomile to promote menstruation and for all birth-related difficulties. Chamomile is useful to quieten fetal kicking, relieve sore breasts and nipples, stop premature labour and relieve infant colic.

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